Quitting sugar isn’t so hard. JK, it is!! How can we say no to our favourite kaju barfis and gulab jamuns? And don’t even get me started on cheesecake!

Let’s check some benefits of quitting sugar (or at least cutting down) and see if it’s worth giving a try:

  • Clearer skin – It’s official. Pimples are our worst enemy. Did you know that sugar can cause pimples too? OMG right?  Try this out for a week and experience the results of a clear, youthful skin.
  • Weight Loss – Okay ladies, who are we kidding? We’ve all tried to lose some extra fat in one way or the other. Wanna know a secret? Simply ditch the sugar and you’ll be effortlessly trim in no time.

Wait, there’s more. More benefits besides clear skin and weight loss? YES! YES! YES!!!

  • Better Sleep – Who doesn’t want to sleep like a baby at the end of a long day? And Better Sleep = No Dark Eye Circles. Ahhh! No more carrying those big eye bags around town.
  • Reduced Anxiety – Yeah that’s right! Who would’ve thought quitting sugar can actually make you a sweeter person. IRONIC, aint it?
  • You can save money– Uh, Duh! Say Bye Bye to all those chocolates and expensive treats, and more money to spend on yourself!

So, would you ever quit sugar for the world?