When life gives me lemons, I dial up a few of my best friends and make myself a glass of fresh refreshing lemonade.

Did you know that Lemons are the antibiotics of the fruit world? Hah! Eat that, apples!

I start my day by drinking lemon water mixed with a little bit of honey instead of tea or coffee. It supports weight loss and keeps my stomach happy. Plus, no more rushing to the loo at odd hours of the day. Yup we’ve all had those issues.

You can also rub lemon your skin to get rid of sunburns and for a picture perfect skin. Aah! Works like a charm every time.

Packed with all these goodness, you should start filling up your fridge with all these lemons. And no, I’m not talking about your favorite packaged lemon juices and powdered ones. We’re talking about the real deal here. Yup! That’s right. Fresh, juicy lemons in their pure form.

So what are you waiting for? Start drinking today!