I was not blessed with good eyebrows and eyelashes, so everytime I see Cara Delevinge rock her eyebrow game, my heart skips a little. Like honestly, the sight of beautiful brows make you feel a different kind of good.

So what is this Microblading and why is it taking the beauty world by storm? So apparently, it’s the newest way to describe brow-tattooing. This procedure uses a scalpel to draw tiny lines into your natural brows so they look like individual hairs. Sounds pretty cool to me.

I’ve seen a couple of people do this and the results are remarkable. You’d never realise that these cool AF brows are actually drawed-on. Plus, if you’re commitment phobic like me, the good news is that it lasts only 18 months.

So, if you’re looking to ace up your brow game, this is the next best thing to do right now!