Sure, travelling and moving can be expensive but here’s some good news for all the wanderlust souls out there. You’ll actually get paid to live in these places of the world. So if your short on cash, but itching to travel and check it out, then look no further. Some of these places really want you to move.

  • Alaska – If you like fishing, icebergs, cold dark winters and tons of barren land, move to Alaska and get $2000 just for living there.
  •  New Haven, Connecticut – Like the life of crime and good money? Move to this second highest crime rated city in America with $40,000.
  • Baltimore – Another high crime rated city in America, you’d get $5000 to buy a house of your own. Or else, get your very own abandoned, spooky, scary-movie themed house, all for $10,000.
  • Detroit – If you like the hippie lifestyle, this could be the next place that hipsters inhabit.
  • Mount of Kansas – Kansas is willing to pay you handsomely in free lands, free buildings, income tax waivers and even STUDENT LOAN REPAYMENTS! Now that’s a catch.
  • New Richland and Harmony, Minnesotta – If you build a house in New Richland within one year, you get the land for free. And Harmony refunds you up to $12000 in cash!

So guys, are you ready to earn some money today by doing what you love?