You’re not supposed to pop your pimples. You know it, your mom knows it, your best friend knows it, and heck, even your cat knows that you’re not supposed to. But yeah, sometimes it’s hard to resist popping that ripe fruit, especially if it refuses to back down for days.

Let’s admit it! We’ve all popped a zit or two and have spent days panicking over what to do to get rid of the horrible scar. Here’s what you can do after your barbarous act.

First, put a cold compress (like an ice cube) over it to reduce the redness and swelling. Now use a cotton ball and gently clean the area around it. Then apply any medicine containing some anti-bacterial properties. Now, wait it out and refrain yourself from putting any make up on top of this.

And lastly, do no touch it again. Place a band-aid on the area, if necessary and get your hands to work on something else, like petting your cat or IDK, something useful.

But of course, the best way to resist popping pimples is to not get them in the first place.