While traveling is what we love to do, we all know the expenses a single trip can cost us. Talk about getting leave from work! Yeah. Been there. Done that.

But what if we earn a living out of travelling and posting pictures?

Meet Jack Morris and Laura Bullen who are making us all green-eyed while exploring new destinations and getting paid a six-digit salary while they’re at it. GOALS!!

By posting their travel pictures on Instagram and promoting brands and locations of the same, they earn up to 9000 dollars per post. Wow! And I’m just sitting here, waiting for my likes to turn into numbers, instead of names.

If you’re wondering how, it was just a sudden decision on Morris’s side to wake up one day, in 2012, quit his job and head off to Bangkok. He met Laura after two years and they’ve been traveling ever since.

Well, are you brave enough to try?