If you’re not scared of heights, (ummm… correction)! Whether you’re scared of heights or not, bungee jumping is something that MUST be on your bucket list! So plan out your next stop to these five amazing bungee jumping destinations in India.

# Rishikesh – HIGHEST bungee jumping spot in India. Deep chills. Brrr.

# Lonavala – For the ones who want to play it safe (yes, there’s “safe bungee jumping” as well!)

# Bangalore – Ozone Adventures in Bangalore tops the charts when it comes to extreme bungee jumping. The extra danger sure gives me a rush!

# Goa – Why not go bungee jumping during your next trip to Goa? Uh huh. With a low platform, bungee jumping at the Arjuna beach is perfect for first timers.

# Jagdalpur – Another hidden but great place for bungee jumping.

Take the leap of faith! Seize the moment!