So there’s this new magical and trendy (and expensive) “wellness” water in town and we NEED to talk about it, you guys.

What it is?

Extra hydrogen in water. Sadly, your regular H2O is not enough in today’s world (or so it seems).

What it claims?

Gives you more energy, slows aging, glowing skin, acts as anti-oxidant etc., etc.

These are some pretty big claims but here’s the biggest catch – the research to back them up isn’t exactly there. It has been a big trend in Japan and the rest of the world has caught on. Nodoubt, the Japs have UH-MAZING skin!! But hey, maybe it’s just in their DNA, or something like that? I don’t know.

Bottom line?

Regular water has enough benefits (with proof!), but sure you can try the fancy and $$$ hydrogen water too.